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Saturday April 22nd, 2017
PWX Wrestleplex - McKeesport, PA

Results courtesy of Hank Hudson!

 (1) FOUR-MAN TAG-TEAM MATCH: Lewis/Toryn Flight defeated Silas Morgan/"The Highlight Of The Night" Classic Chris Helmsly (with advisor Paul Atlas) (Lewis pinned Helmsly) in 8:15!!! Silas Morgan (formerly Silas Cogar of "The Cogar Brothers") was unveiled prior to the bout as Helmsly's "The Angel On His Shoulder" mystery partner!!! Helmsly tried to whip Lewis toward Paul Atlas on the ring apron, but the brainy nerd reversed the maneuver!!! Helmsly crashed head-on with his advisor and rebounded into Lewis' waiting rear takedown cradle for the three-count!!! Zak Hunter immediately stormed into the ring for a four-on-two beatdown on the victorious tandem who would soon be saved by the surprising return to P.W.X. of Ego!!!

(2) SPECIAL RETURN MATCH: "The Bayou Bully" Christian Black pinned Justin Idol (current holder of the P.W.X. Golden Ticket) in 8:00 to avenge a defeat on the previous P.W.X. live event!!! Black managed to survive no less than a trio of brutal released German suplexes to eventually hit with a "downward spiral" maneuver to get the duke!!! Afterward Black declared on the house mic: "Justin Idol's P.W.X. Golden Ticket is now mine!!!

*****KITANA "P.W.X. MEDIA" INTERVIEW: Prior to the start of P.W.X. "Genesis", the crowd was informed of the 'Plex debut later in the evening of a new star very capable of being a threat to any and all P.W.X. titleholders!!! Kitana introduced Juggernaut John Rodin who immediately let it be known that he was none too pleased with his "lukewarm" reception!!! Rodin's entirely negative interview did nothing to endear himself to the P.W.X. faithful!!!

(3) "RUN FOR THE TITLE" WOMEN'S MATCH: "The Sugar Creature" Solo Darling pinned Leah Vaughan in 9:19!!! This bout began the race for a future shot at P.W.X. women's champion Tessa Blanchard!!! Mean girl Leah dumped an entire bag of Solo's "gummy bears" onto the 'Plex ring canvas!!! Darling retaliated by "spearing" Vaughan into the candy treats and then followed up with a spinning "fisherman" cradle-suplex onto them for the winning pin!!!

*****KITANA "P.W.X. MEDIA" INTERVIEW: Don Christopher (formerly known as Cassidy Stone) announced that he ain't going anywhere else, that if he ain't in P.W.X., he ain't wrestling anywhere else, that he's here to win titles and win gold with the P.W.X. Three Rivers Title specifically mentioned!!!

(4) P.W.X. TELEVISION CHAMPIONSHIP MATCH: Champion Ryan Reign pinned "The Enforcing Official" Crusher Hansen in 10:27 to retain his title!!! Completely fed-up with Hansen's totally-biased officiating of his own bout, Reign briefly disappeared behind the 'Plex stage curtain to reemerge wearing his own referee's striped-shirt!!! Hansen would soon get a giant road-sign from beneath the ring and appeared to be talking to himself in a debate over whether or not to utilize it!!! Reign took this opportunity to clock the confused Crusher with a tremendous short-clothesline clout and then manually manipulated the back of Hansen's hand to toll his title-retaining three-count!!! Sore-loser Hansen proceeded to blindside Reign with a road-sign whack and walked off with the T.V. title belt saying that "Possession is nine-tenths of the law!!!"

(5) TRIPLE-THREAT MATCH FOR THE P.W.X. THREE RIVERS CHAMPIONSHIP: Champion Stryder defeated "The Hero Of Time" Kato (with Sylvia) and Bubba The Bulldog (Stryder pinned Bubba) in 10:39 to retain his title!!! The defending titleholder Stryder was given a champion's advantage in that he was not required to enter the battle until the three-minute mark, and no pinfalls or submissions would be allowed until that time!!! Bubba eventually would wipe out Stryder with a spectacular spinning-uranage and appeared enroute to a winning pin when Sylvia pulled ref P.J. Parker out to ringside at the count of two!!! As refs Parker and Luke Scott were distracted admonishing Sylvia at ringside, Bubba's arch-enemy David Lawless entered the ring to brain the Bulldog with the Three Rivers title belt!!! At this point Kato could have easily covered either Bubba or Stryder for a victory but, instead, "The Hero Of Time" draped Stryder's limp arm over the kayoed Bubba for the title-retaining pin!!! Afterward Don Christopher entered the squared-circle to confront Stryder about a title opportunity!!! However, Kato smacked Christopher across the back of his head just enough to distract him for a "spear" from the champion rugby roughneck!!!

(6) FOUR-MAN TAG-TEAM MATCH: "The Hellfire Club" (Shirley Doe/The Beastman) defeated "The Cogar Brothers" (Otis/Atticus) (Beastman pinned Atticus following a spinning-uranage) after 10:29 of a brutal, hard-hitting brawl!!!

(7) P.W.X. TAG-TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP MATCH: Champions "Locked & Loaded" ("The Meta Human" Duke Davis/"Pro Wrestling All-Star" Ganon Jones, Jr.) (with Sylvia) defeated "The Screaming Climax" Dirk Ciglar/"Double M" Mad Mike (Davis pinned Ciglar after "The Sum Of All Bombs" double-arm sit-out chokeslam) in 8:27 to retain their title!!! Immediately afterward "The Hellfire Club" stormed out to stake their claim for a future title clash by bettering the champions in their postbout brawl through the stage curtain!!!

*****The sound of a familiar ring music, that of former multiple time P.W.X. champion Patrick Hayes, alerted the happy P.W.X. fans to his surprising return!!! Hayes announced that he will be signing a new P.W.X. contract, and soon people will be "Hazed And Confused"!!!*****

(8) P.W.X. HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP MATCH: Champion "The Alpha Dog" J.R. Mega defeated "The Gavel" David Lawless, Esq., SUBMISSION in 9:20 to retain his title!!! Lawless appeared to be completely in the driver's seat during a prolonged offensive and perhaps enroute to the title when arch-enemy Bubba The Bulldog emerged to taunt him from the 'Plex rampway!!! Mega snatched the distracted Lawless from behind to plant him with a suplex followed by an application of a "reverse chancery" grip to make the shyster say "uncle"!!! Kato entered the ring only to be leveled by the retaining champion!!! However, when Kato's newly-expanded army (Locked & Loaded as well as Stryder) approached, Mega quickly changed the site of his victory celebration to the ringside seating area!!!